RID SmartSite Monitoring System

RID SmartSite Monitoring System

R.I.D. always strives to improve its functionality and satisfy customer’s requirements.
That is the reason to develop hardware-software complex SMARTSITE which consists of controllers installed onsite and software meaning Monitoring and management center. SMARTSITE carries out not only power facility monitoring and management, but remote monitoring and management of all engineering systems of any facility.

“SMARTSITE” is a complex using a set of sensors, means of communication and computation, mobile devices, informational and analytical programs comprising an automated management system for daily operation of remote facilities.

RID SmartSite

Centralized solution to monitor remote facilities in a single interface which gives opportunities to:

  • assign the roles (administrator, engineer, manager) and access level;
  • classify the types of alarms and set up the priorities and means of notififcations;
  • change forms to represent reports on selected parameters in a table or graphics;
  • set up scenarios to notify about scheduled technical maintenance with sending-out messages to the authorized persons;
  • integrate monitoring and management system with other monitoring systems to carry out a wider range of tasks