John Deere

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John Deere diesel engines are known for their reliability and simplicity, trouble-free operation under the toughest operating conditions is a matter of course. John Deere is the largest multinational manufacturer of equipment for land, forest and park maintenance. To maintain a high level of quality, John Deere engineers have developed a special line of John Deere diesel engines for power generation. These have corresponding general characteristics - convenience and ease of maintenance, as well as stable operation even on medium-quality diesel fuel. High reliability, durability and efficiency can be expected. John Deere has billions of hours of usage experience with offhighway diesel engine technologies and has brought many of its engines to market ahead of EPA and EU deadlines. John Deere engines are ready to meet Stage V emissions regulations using their proven DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) solutions. Our engineers continue to employ a global network of technical resources and the latest technology to reduce emissions while improving performance and fluid efficiency