Battery systems

Battery SONNENSCHEIN A600 SOLAR (294 - 3919 AH)

Article Sonnenschein A600 SOLAR
Nominal capacity 294 - 3919 Ah (20°C)
Electrolyte Sulfuric acid, fixed as GEL by fumed silica
Valve Valve with flame arrestor
Pole conductance gas-and electrolyte-tight, sliding, plastic-molded pole
Safety class IP 25 agreeably DIN 60529, protect match the VBG 4
depth of discharge (DOD) Ue = 1,80 V/cell for für discharge >10 h; 1,67 V/cell for 1 h
Charging current 10A bis 35A / 100 Ah C10
Charging voltage operating cycles 2,35V to 2,45V limited per cell (Instructions for use)
Float voltage / non-cyclical. operation 2,25 V /сell
Full charge 100 % within the period between 1 to 4 weeks
IEC 61427 cycles >3000 cycles (20°C)
Battery temperature -20 °C to 50 °C, recommended temperature range 10 ° C to 30 ° C
Maintenance maintenance-free




Battery rack outdoor DC 48 V

Article RID Battery rack 48V system
Order number
Dimensions 1105 x 870 x 1910 mm
Empty weight
Volume Holds for 24 batteries per 2V to 2000 Ah
Equipment Inclusive 48V DC air conditioner
Control Hybrid elektroniс on board