Power 3 kVA

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DIN Generators for Rescue / Fire use
Type: RH
Fuel: Gasoline

Voltage- and frequency Tolerance

The generators are rated in the range voltage and frequency stable (DIN 6280 / ISO 8528). The voltage tolerance between idle and full load is without voltage regulator ± 10% according to DIN 6280 T.10/ISO 8528 D.8. For devices with Compound transformation ± 8% or ± 5% with a voltage regulator.

Gasoline engines Briggs & Stratton
RID engines are acceptable for mobile use with no permanent working. The 2 cylinder engines have a long life and are very reliable and economical by fuel consumption, thereby they achieve significantly fewer emissions.

RID generators was made completely in accordance with international regulations.

Generators for Rescue RH 3541 ERN

Model RH 3541 ERN
Reference number 717187
Generator type asynchronous
Electrical power (3~) cos φ 0,8 kVA -
Electrical power (1~) cos φ 1 kVA 2,8
Voltage (1~)/(3~) V 230 / -
Max. Total current (1~)/(3~) A 12,2
Frequency Hz 50
Sufety class IP54
Engine type HONDA GX200
Cylinder 1
Rotational-speed range rpm 3000
Fuel gasoline 92/95
Oil SAE 15W-40
Oil volume in engine l 0,6
Engine output kW 3,3
Cooling air
Tank capacity l 10
Hand starter (H)/Electro starter (E) H
Fuel consumption load 100% l/h 1,41
Weight kg 70
Dimensions mm 700 x 440 x 580
Noise pressure level dB(A) 67

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